Take your game to the next level and beyond.

Steve Calhoun’s proven experience and expertise in training young quarterbacks and receivers provide all his campers with the fundamental skills and discipline required to perform at their highest level throughout each level of transition.

From youth leagues to high school, college, to the most competitive level in all of football, the NFL.


Nick Foles - Philadelphia Eagles

Ryan Lindley - Arizona Cardinals

Terrelle Pryor - Oakland Raiders

Mike Glennon - New York Giants

Jake Locker - Tennessee Titans

Jimmy Clausen - Carolina Panthers

Russell Wilson - Seattle Seahawks

Cody Kessler - Cleveland Browns

EJ Manuel - Buffalo Bills

Hendon Hooker - University of Tennessee

Mark Sanchez - New York Jets

Feleipe Franks - Atlanta Falcons

Jordan Franks - Kansas City Chiefs

The NFL players you see here are all alumni of Steve Calhoun's Armed and Dangerous Football Camps. These current players represent a sample of quarterbacks and receivers Steve Calhoun is currently training or has trained through the camp.

What We Trains Quarterbacks

  • Analyzing and diagnosing each QB’s throwing motion
  • Teach proper base and setup
  • Playing with a “strong” lower body to generate velocity
  • Reorganizing your base
  • Using our system to become more accurate passers
  • Throwing with touch over man-to-man defenders
  • Teach and drill how to throw on the run
  • Pocket movement
  • Pressure VS danger within the pocket
  • Learning how to move within the structure of the pocket
  • Handling chaos and danger on the football field
  • Winning bad situations
  • Playing against free blitzes
  • Evading blitzes
  • Sustaining efficient play when the defense has an edge
  • Small pocket conflict
  • Layering over zone defenders (flat, hook to curl, alley, etc.)
  • Putting it all together-applying training to game situations

What We Train Receivers

  • Proper stance and start
  • Understanding how to defeat press man to man
  • Getting in and out of your routes
  • Running routes VS man to man–VS zone
  • Proper hand position to catch the ball
  • Create drills for every possible route you can run
  • Identifying coverages, from pre-snap and on the run
  • Proper blocking techniques
  • Adjusting routes VS blitzes
  • Understanding leverage of the DB’s
  • Learning out to stem routes VS inside/outside technique
  • Learning how to run the route tree
  • Learn proper hand/eye techniques