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E.J. Manual QB (Florida State)

Going into my senior year, I wanted to make sure I was prepared for all facets of the quarterback position. In my workouts with Steve, I tightened up any and all deficiencies I had in my game. Steve pushed me to new heights in just a few workouts, and told me what I needed to hear, not necessarily what I wanted to hear. That's what you want from your coach when you want to be great. Armed & Dangerous is the real deal.

Allan Schneider (The WoodlandS H.S.)

I have really enjoyed having Steve work with my son Joseph. Three things that Steve brings to his training stand out in my mind. First, solid mechanics of throwing, body movement and foot work. Second, a high intensity and energy level to all workouts, Steve is never just going through the motions. Third, Steve is also sharp in picking up on leadership and other soft issues and providing some coaching wisdom that other coaches or parents cannot pass along to the young athlete. Always a joy having Steve work with my son.

Keith Price QB (University Of Washington)

Steve Calhoun is a great Coach and Great Friend of mine.His passion and attention to detail in coaching the quarterback position is second to none. To this day I Credit a lot of my recent success and work ethic to him. I truely appreciate you coach. Go Dawgs!!

Age Of The Guru

The reputations of private coaches like Sailer and quarterbacks coach Steve Calhoun, a former standout in European professional leagues, are well known way beyond the Orange Curtain. On any given weekend prep prospects from as far away as Florida will fly in for a weekend of workouts at Calhoun’s Armed & Dangerous camp... Read More >